Is the road to [Green] Hell paved with good intentions?

Sometimes if you are wrong, even if you have the very best intentions, the results might be considered harmful. I and other sceptics of the CAGW delusion think that the worlds poor need direct help now, not ‘potential help’ later.

Sir John Houghton (June 2010 – slide 45) – Co Chair 2001 IPCC Ar3 – ‘Hockey Stick’ report

“Haven’t we first to tackle World
Poverty, then Climate Change?


because unless
we tackle Climate Change now,
the plight of many of the poorest
will be enormously worse”

Sir John Houghton, no doubt sincerely believes that tackling future ‘climate change’ (man-made) is more important than the issues and hardships facing the worlds poor now.

Sir John also considers (slide – pg 10) that  ‘climate change’ action is very urgent saying we have seven years grace (The 10:10 Campaign seems to think planetary doom is in 4 years, here, here)

“God is Creator
Science is God’s science”
“Pharoah & Joseph had
So have we


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George Monbiot – complains about astroturfing

Update from the comments: The Guardian have removed some critical comments mentioning George’s involvment with the Campaign Against Climate Change, which indulges in similar practices. (my three never got past pre-moderation)

These astroturf libertarians are the real threat to internet democracy – Guardian

As I see in threads on my articles, the online sabotaging of intelligent debate seems organised. We must fight to save this precious gift   

George must have forgotten that he is Honoury President of the Campaign Against Climate Change………    

……and they send out Skeptic Alerts to do just this to man made global warming sceptical blogs and newspaper comments sections, including the Bishop Hill blog, James Delingpole and Christopher Booker at the Telegraph. 

There are a number of people commenting at CiF, that have been allowed to point out about the CaCC ‘astroturfing’, presumably the moderators at CiF have a sense of humour after all to allow this.  I am currenly still pre-moderated out of existance at the Guardian…..   

Yet a ‘luke warmist’ (in the nicest, best possible description) has risen to the apparent hypocracy of the article, given the evidence that has been supplied and been allowed to comment.  
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Climate Propaganda – The Guardian, minimise the good news about sea levels amongst the NEW bad news?

Following the good news in a Met Office Study that alarmist sea level rises of 2m – 4m by 2100 is wrong. The Guardian report the Met Office study and choose a headline to highlight a new alarmist message rather than parade this good news, which is buried away in the article.

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Official – Alarmist warnings of 2m sea level rises are wrong – Met Office Study

Alarmist Doomsday warning of rising seas ‘was wrong’, says a Met Office studyDaily Mail (6 December 2010) (Telegraph & Guardian)

Last year around the time of the Copenhagen Cop 15 climate conference, the public were bombarded on television and in the newspapers with alarmist messages of projected sea level rises due to man made climate change, of 2 metres  or even higher (4 metres by some lobby groups). Whilst the IPCC 2007 AR4 report only had a worst case scenario of 59 cm, the 2m announcements were no doubt made to persude politicians and policy makers of the urgency of signing a new agreement. 

A year later, whilst the Cancun Cop 16 climate conference is underway, does the good news that these alarmist sea level predictions were wrong make similar headlines?  No, it was buried away on pg 19, with maybe half a column of coverage.
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Lost In Alarmism – 150,000 ‘climate change’ deaths a year

Who is causing the climate change alarmism – where does the 150,000 climate change deaths a year ‘fact’ come from. Although the 10:10 campaign, has their founder – Franny Armstrong - saying 300,000 deaths a year, did they just double it to make the climate change message more urgent?

Greenpeace say 150,000 deaths a year due to climate change (man made – presumably) on the Greenpeace website.  Is that just an eco lobby group being alarmist, or do they get their message from elsewhere?

The executive summary of The Institute of Public Policy Research document – ‘Positive Energy’ -2007, has it’s second sentence, to frame the entire document with an urgent ‘climate change’ message:

Behind the stories, real people are allready being hit, with climate change now killing 150,ooo people a year (1)

The IPPR is a major ’progressive’, UK think tank that has adviced the UK Government over the last decade.

Here it is reported as a proven fact  – now killing – designed to give an explicit urgent message to governments and policy makers

I had to buy the report to find the reference, which was not included in the Executive Summary, Continue reading

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Bishop Hill Targeted – Sceptic Alerts

expanded from a guest post at Bishop Hill

Since the beginning of November the Campaign Against Climate Change has been heavily targeting the Bishop Hill blog in their Skeptic Alerts emails to their activists. I imagine this may be why Bishop Hill has had rather more ‘warmist’ guests than usual.
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Climate Connections – An Alarmist in the Houses of Parliament?

Update: Some have queried the use of ‘alarmist’ in the headline, this was chosen becuase of the connection to 10:10 ‘No Pressure’ video,(here, here, here,  here , and the rest of the civilised world) and 10:10′s message of 300,000 deaths due to climate change, despite no evidence of this.

On the Anniversary of Climategate a CAGW alarmist has entered the Houses of Parliament…….   

……. not by the traditional environmental ‘climate change’ activist method, of climbing onto the roof holding ‘Save the Planet’ banners, but invited in and made a peer by Labour Party leader Ed Milliband    

Bryony Worthington, Sandbag’s founder, has been appointed as a Labour peer in the UK Parliament’s House of Lords, recognising over a decade of work for effective action on climate change.   

Ed Milliband, who as Minister of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change in the previous UK government, was responsible for introducing the 2008 Climate Change Act (80% reductions in CO2 by 2050) has brought Bryony into the House of Lords to help push the Climate Change Act that they both were instrumental in creating.   

“First on her agenda will be the energy market reform planned by the coalition government, “unfinished business” from the Climate Change Act which she was instrumental in writing, such as setting stronger carbon caps in the UK, and how to boost investment in green projects.”   

Bryony has some good ’climate change’ connections, Friends of the Earth, DEFRA, Sandbag,  SSE, Bryony is also a board member of the 10:10 Campaign and apparently has had some ‘good ideas’ in the past,    

“Whilst at SSE, she was seconded to government to take part in writing the climate change bill, which is now law and binds the UK to cutting its carbon emissions. The idea of national carbon budgets, now in law, was hers”   

In the Guardian on the anniversary of Climategate:  

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Are Computer Models Reliable – Can they Predict Climate?

Are Computer Models Reliable – can they be used to predict the future climate?

Government climate change propagands vs actual science 

Yes: says the Met Office (link on the Act On CO2 Uk Government website

Are computer models reliable?  (pg 12)
Yes. Computer models are an essential tool in understanding how the climate will respond to changes in greenhouse gas concentrations, and other external effects, such as solar output and volcanoes. Computer models are the only reliable way to predict changes in climate. Their reliability is tested by seeing if they are able to reproduce the past climate, which gives scientists confidence that they can also predict the future. But computer models cannot predict the future exactly. They depend, for example, on assumptions made about the levels of future greenhouse gas emissions.  

No: says the IPCC (Chapter 14,, Working Group 1, The Scientific Basis) 

Third Assessment Report: “In sum, a strategy must recognise what is possible. In climate research and modeling, we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled nonlinear chaotic system, and therefore that long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.”  

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Crazy Climate Change Quote

A UK Government’s definition of ‘Climate Change’ – EXCLUDES any natural causes:

from the Glossary:

“Climate Change
The process of changing weather patterns caused by the increased number of greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere as a result of human activity since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.”

 ’A guide to carbon offsetting for the public sector’Department of Energy and Climate Change
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Welcome to Real Climategate

It is one year to the day that thousands of emails and documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were leaked to the world.  The act of whistleblowing, hacking or leaking (depending on your perspective) of this information and the resulting ‘discussion’ of contents of the file, became known as the Climategate scandal.

Where it all began in the comments section, on a blog called the Air Vent:

We feel that climate science is, in the current situation, too important to be kept under wraps.

We hereby release a random selection of correspondence, code, and documents. Hopefully it will give some insight into the science and the people behind it.

The responses then and over the following months by the Mainstream Media, Politicians and Environmental lobby groups was perhaps to many the greater scandal.  Climategate showed the political message that the  ’science is settled’ to be an illusion to many more members of the public. This and the failure of Copenhagen Cop 15 to reach any serious agreement, following all the hype and hysteria about ‘last chance to save the planet’, may have been the tipping point to the beginning of the end of the  man made climate change global panic.

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